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Top 5 Slots Casinos June 2019


Rapid changes in the online casino industry

Anyone who doesn’t really know or understand what’s going on in the online slots world is really missing out. Slot machines were the first mechanized gaming machines, where players actually got to insert a coin, pull a handle or press a button and catch their winnings as they rolled out of the opening at the bottom.

That was more than a century ago and the online slot machines you will find today bears absolutely no physical resemblance to its predecessor although the point of playing slots remains the same. And that is to get three (or more) matching symbols in a line.

In the 21st century there is no need to visit your local convenience store or land casino to play slots. We are now deep into the era of online gaming and you can download slot machines to your home computer and be playing in minutes without even having to leave the house. Online slot games have become such a big hit, and Canadians are reckoned to be amongst the largest number of players per capita that you will find.

And it’s easy to understand why! From its very basic beginnings, the slot machine has evolved into a masterpiece of software engineering. There are some really excellent casino software developers working with Canada’s leading internet slot casinos – and for many, Microgaming are the pick of the bunch. Microgaming has been around for over twenty years and has been consistent trendsetters, developing new games and possibilities all the time.

Canadian players have unlimited options

These days there are as many five reel versions of slots as the original three reels. As you can probably guess, a five reel slot version will offer a much wide range of choices and permutations for a player, and if they hit a winning combination the prizes can be very high indeed. Sometimes, in five reel slots, an experienced player will forsake a low value winning combination by holding two or three numbers and spinning the remaining two in a calculated risk of improving their spin. If it works, great. If not they will have at least won something!

These kinds of maneuvers are not for the faint hearted, and a player who has limited or no experience playing slots online should wait a while before trying them. In fact most Canadian online casinos will welcome novice players and allow them to play as guests till they get the feel of the game and all its combinations. They will never be pressurized to play for real money, and only when they feel they are ready should they join as real money players, and place their first deposit. When they do, they will discover a warm “slots welcome” with a generous bonus to set them on their way.

Microgaming are appreciated for a lot of things by virtual slots players but none more so for their development of the progressive jackpot tournament. Online jackpots are set up by Microgaming in conjunction with any number of online casinos that use their software. As players play a particular slot they are constantly updated to the value of the prize that they could win. Only when the prize reaches a certain figure, the jackpot releases and the next player who hits a certain combination, which remains a secret, wins the prize.

Slots have come a long way since the early days of the mechanized clunkers. Who knows what the next hundred years will bring!

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