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When Canadians want to gamble online, they have an array of different choices. It is very easy to set up an online casino, and it’s even easier to connect with people who could potentially be taken advantage of. One of the unique things about the online casino business is that these companies can sometimes operate under the radar before they are discovered by the authorities. Many online casinos do a very good job of providing services to their consumers. These are safe companies that work hard to develop and maintain their reputation. Unfortunately there are a few online casinos that are fraudulent, or that might run into long-term problems financially. With this in mind, casino watchdog sites are important resources for the average player.

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Casino watchdog sites exist for a specific reason. They are designed, at least in part, to help players identify the casinos that might be out to do little more than take the player’s money and run. These are rogue casinos that do not operate by the standard rules of the online gambling industry. While many players have a good sense of what does and does not constitute a good casino, many can be duped by a well-designed rogue casino. Casino watchdog sites have more information and more expertise. They can determine whether a casino should be trusted by the average player.

Casino watchdog websites keep up with complaints from players. If a player happens to play at a bad casino, and the casino somehow takes advantage of the player, then the player can report his bad experience to the watchdog site. Many times, these problems will come in the form of slow payouts or no payouts. When sites refuse to pay their players, or when they have financial problems with processors, it is a good sign that new players should not be signing up with that site. In some cases, the bad casinos will refuse to honor bonuses or will confiscate money from player accounts, citing some little-known rule. Good casino watchdog sites are out to understand and document these things so that rogue casinos cannot hurt more players.

Before signing up with a website, smart players know to check with the casino watchdog sites. Smart players will see if any complaints have been filed against a respective casino. Not all is negative with these watchdog outlets. If casinos have a strong reputation of serving the interests of players, then watchdog sites will give them their due. With this in mind, smart players can learn about both the good and the bad in the casino sites that they might be thinking about using at any point in time.

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