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It seems hard to believe that just a few years ago, Canada’s online slots players who had a less than powerful internet connection had no option but to play on “no download” software. In those days, no download software was a bit of a poor joke. The graphics were basic in the extreme and the choice of games was very limited. However it was that or nothing for the players who lived in the periphery of the country.

And don’t think that those players who could download and access their favorite casino onto their hard disc were having a great time either. Internet connections were not that powerful and games would jam in mid spin causing loads of frustration for players to contend with.

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The magic of instant access casino

We live in a fast changing world these days and one of the things that move faster than the internet is the progress in options to play slots online. These days, thanks to broadband internet connections that cover almost all of Canada, it’s now possible to download slots games in seconds and an entire casino in minutes. Furthermore, upload times are just as fast, which means that a slots player can be accessing and playing their favorite slots games in just a few seconds.

If that’s not an improvement you should see what going on in the world of instant download slots. The software companies that power the internet gaming industry have taken it as a personal challenge to completely revamp the Flash driven animated software that is used exclusively in “no download”, instant access software.

Download slots vs. no-download slots

That’s not just for the few remaining players in Canada and around the Western World that don’t have a powerful broadband connection but also for the tens if not hundreds of slots lovers who are on the move and want to spend some of their time playing their favorite slots game while they are in transit.
Thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi connections it is now possible to hook up to your favorite online casino wherever you are and pass an hour or two making these virtual wheels spin.
It is now almost impossible to spot the difference between downloadable slots or instant browser slots games. And every version of downloadable slots is also available in instant access with the same playability and prizes.

That means that a player sitting in an airport terminal waiting for their connections can hit a major prize in a progressive jackpot promotion while hundreds if not thousands miles away from home. The rules are the same for download and instant access and the chances of winning are just as equal.
All these advances in just a few short years leave web slot lovers wondering where it is all going to end and what new advances the internet casino operators and their software developers have up their sleeves. One thing for sure is that it’s always going to be exciting to be an online slots player.

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