The History of slot machines

One hundred years is not a long time in terms of history, but in terms of slot machines it feels more like a whole millennium. With the tremendous leaps and bounds that online gaming has taken even in the last ten years, it may be difficult to take in that the first online slots began to appear just about a century after the first slot machines made their debut. Slot machines, it can be said, were the first mechanical gaming objects where a live player had some say on the outcome of a spin, just by putting a coin in a slot and pulling a handle.

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What would our lives be like without the online slot machine

Over the years these fairly primitive machines developed in their scope and sophistication and their name and popularity spread across the United States from Seattle, the city where they made their first appearance. When the first serious land casinos began to spring up in the late forties and early fifties, the owners made sure that a slot machine corner was fairly prominent. Eventually slot machines and Vegas became synonymous and as land casinos spread to the East Coast of the United States and Canada – everybody wanted to play the slots.
Not everybody has the time and the energy to travel to land casinos to play slots, and when the first online casinos began to spring up and the first online slot machine was unveiled, the excitement among Canada’s slots players was intense.

In the fifteen years that the internet slots have been around they developed so much, that these days the skies are the limit. There is such a wide choice of games and themes for the online slots lover to choose from and the original three reels that were synonymous with the earliest slots, have grown to five and even six to create endless permutations and excitement.

Nowadays there must be very few people who are curious about online slot machines and haven’t tried them yet. And for the absolute beginner to slots gaming online, the good news is that they can join a casino of their choice and play for as long as they want and never need to deposit a cent! That’s because the generous web casino operators want their new members to get a total feel for playing slots for free before playing for real money.

The excitement of Progressive Jackpots

Most people who have heard of online slots have surely heard about progressive jackpot promotions that they inspire. Promotions that bear some pretty breath taking prizes.

The idea behind progressive jackpot promotions came from the large software developers that network several large online casinos. These companies set progressive jackpot promotions under way with all of a certain model of virtual slot machines in the network are “linked” together. As players spin their slots, a large progressive jackpot is building up in the background with hundreds if not thousands of slot lovers adding to the jackpot prize with every spin of the wheel.

When progressive jackpot promotions are in full flight, a little gadget known as the progressive jackpot meter displays the jackpot value as it steadily climbs. And when the jackpot does hit, some player can suddenly become a very wealthy and happy online slots player indeed!

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