Playing slots for free or for real cash

There is no other industry in the World like online gaming. Think about it for a minute. Who else would spend tons of money establishing a top of the range online casino, with absolutely true to life graphics, the most powerful software that can be used almost anywhere and employ and train the finest customer service team that are on hand 24/.7 to deal with any problems- and then let Canadian slot players play for as long as they want without spending even a red cent.

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Before you play for real money

That’s just one of the reasons why online gaming has become such a big hit not just with Canadian players but all over the World. The thinking behind the casino management’s “play for free” philosophy is very simple but exceptionally fair. They simply don’t want novices to play online slots for real cash until they are totally confident and ready.

That means getting to know the casino and how it operates. It also means taking whatever time it takes to try every online slots game (and there a lot of them) until they find one or more that they would feel confident and enjoy playing them. They should make contact with the customer service department; ask a few questions, way up the manner of the responses as well as the response time. These are the most effective ways to test any online casino and decide that it is the one for you. There is no reason for a guest player to feel uncomfortable about checking out if an online casino is as good as they claim they are. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating and a guest player gets to eat as much of the pudding as they want for free.

Joining a Canadian casino as a real money player

The truth is that there are an awful lot of people who join an online casino as guests and never deposit a dime. Some move on from a particular casino because they were unhappy about something while many more just want to play without wagering real money. Online casinos appreciate this and will never pressurize a player to make deposits if that is not their inclination.

After a while, a player may feel confident and ready to begin to play for real money. That doesn’t mean that they have to go into this whole new experience without a safety net. All of the top Canadian slots casinos will welcome new members with open arms and do everything in their power to ensure that their online gaming experience is as enjoyable and profitable as it can be.

Their welcome begins with a bonus that will at least match their initial deposit and maybe more, and will continue with a generous match deposit every time they make a deposit. Canada’s Online slots scene is all about promotions and a player will find that there is always a new game to play and a promotion to get it started. The biggest promotions you will find online are progressive jackpots where a number of casinos using the same software will get together to set up a massive promotion with life changing prizes. Online slots are the most popular game online and those who choose to play for real dollars are guaranteed a load of fun and excitement.

  • +620 exciting slot games

  • $5.6m+ Jackpots

  • Accredited, safe and legal

  • Easy banking options

  • Play for free or for real money

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