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Once an online casino player joins a reputable online casino, the casino management is immediately interested in the player’s level of participation. The industry is highly competitive and online casinos are always looking for opportunities to build loyal relationships with active players. One of the great incentives offered by casinos to entice players to stick around and play is a VIP program or club.

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What is a VIP Program or Club?
In land-based casinos, players are usually offered “players cards” that allow them to accumulate points that can be exchanged for comps on food, beverages, rooms and future play. In an online casino environment, this same activity is run through a VIP program or club. For every dollar wagered within the online casino, the player is awarded points. These points can be exchanged for a variety of great benefits. In some cases, an online casino might be part of a rewards program that covers a larger group of casinos that all reward points into the same account for the same player. It should be noted that not every game returns the same amount of points for every dollar bet. Games like slots and roulette with a lower RTP (return to player) will offer a higher award versus games such as blackjack, baccarat and craps that have a higher RTP. Generally, VIP programs have several levels that allow the player to graduate and earn more benefits based on higher levels of play.

Types of Benefits
While land-based casinos can offers rooms and food, it is obviously impossible for an online casino 5,000 miles away to make the same kinds of offers. However, most online casinos are able to develop a nice variety of benefits that keep players coming back. Typical benefits include:

1. Cash Rebates – This is one of the most common benefits. If the player so chooses, they can convert their points into wagering units that can be used to continue gambling on the site.

2. Free Bets – In some cases, the online casino may choose to offer free spins on slots or wagers on sports an as extra benefits for players at higher levels.

3. Tournament and Sweepstakes Entries – For sites that schedule gaming tournaments or sweepstakes drawings, VIP players are often granted free entry without surrendering points.

4. Exclusive Reload Bonuses – VIP members are often given the opportunity to earn larger reload bonuses on deposits.

5. Consumer Goods – Some of the larger casinos or casino groups might offer a catalog of consumer goods (electronics, concert tickers, etc) that can be purchased with VIP point.

6. Enhanced Customer Service – For high-rollers, a dedicated casino customer service manager is often assigned to lookout for the gaming welfare of the player.

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